Jurassic Park

In 1993 I went to see Jurassic Park and was blown away. I went back two more times and took my Dad to one of the showings.

I’ve always liked dinosaurs since I was a kid but on film they never looked right. They usually were claymation or men in suits. I really like claymation a lot on most things but the dinosaurs just never looked real. I’m not one who craves great special effects…the original Star Trek is great to me with its red beams stunning people. They were always able to convey the story and that is enough for me…but dinosaurs were not beams of light or the transporter…

When this movie came out it blew the doors off of any other movie because of the CGI and also animatronics. It was a game changer in so many ways and brought CGI to the forefront. Today younger people can not imagine what it was like seeing dinosaurs come to life that actually matched our imaginations. THIS is what we were used to. To see a T-Rex with the then new DTS surround sound in a theatre was frightening…a great kind though.

Was the movie Citizen Kane? Not at all but it was the first movie with CGI that looked and sounded real.

Saying that I do believe that CGI can be overused at the expense of a story but in Jurassic Park it was so new and many people could not believe their eyes. It still stands up today but now we are so desensitized to CGI that the movie doesn’t get noticed as much.


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